Angle for Memories Dale Hollow Benefit Tournament for Alzheimer's Tennessee

May 24th - June 13th
Entry Fee: $45
Species: Crappie

This is a “Dale Hollow Lake only” Crappie tournament that will benefit Alzheimer’s Tennessee. All fish will be caught in the confines of Dale Hollow Lake, located on the Tennessee / Kentucky border. All competitors will have a valid fishing license and abide by the TWRA or KDFWR rules.
Grand prize will be largest fish, measured from tip of closed mouth to tip of tail, will win the
grand prize. Fish should be measured with the head to the left and the belly facing the camera.
Any board with ¼ inch scale may be used in the photo and will be rounded to the closest ¼ inch.

There will be weekly winners for most approved fish caught in that week.
Tournament begins and ends at 12:00 midnight.

This is a 50/50 Tournament.
50/50 Grand Prize
$5 admin fee
$20 to grand prize
$20 for donation
Total entry fee $45

Leaderboard Categories: Largest fish, Most approved fish

Once you have registered for the tournament, download the HOOK'D app and join the HOOK'D Test Tournament on the app to practice using the app. We will automatically add you to the Angle for Memories Dale Hollow Crappie Tournament in the app so that when it starts, you will be all setup ready to compete! If you have any questions, email us at


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