Bite Me Fishing Podcast Virtual Fishing Tournament

Capt. Scott Null, Capt. Caleb McCumber, and John Lopez bring you the 1st Bite Me Podcast Virtual Fishing Tournament! This is the first opportunity to compete from Florida to Texas for a great cause and awesome prizes! See more details below:

Dates: May 21st 6:00 AM - May 23rd 8:00 PM
Entry Fee; $20

ALL proceeds benefit His Grace Foundation, which supplies crucial necessities to the most critical Bone Marrow Transplant patients, and their families, at Texas Children's Hospital.

If you do not fish, or know someone who wants to support His Grace that does not fish, enter anyway! We will have random drawings from entries for Bite Me podcast gear and gift cards.

First Prize: Guided bay fishing trip with Capt. Scott Null, Capt. Caleb McCumber and John Lopez; two-night stay at a canal-side bay house (sleeps six), Bite Me Podcast goodie bag, including Bite Me podcast fishing shirt and gift card. Winner must provide own transportation to and from Sargent, Tx.

2nd-3rd prizes: Bite Me Podcast goodie bag, including Bite Me podcast fishing shirt and gift card.

Three random drawing winners:  Bite Me Podcast goodie bag, including Bite Me podcast fishing shirt and gift card.

NOTE: This is a Bite Me community fishing tournament. We are not trying to be a big-money tournament. We have nice prizes, but the idea is to support an organization in dire need and have a rallying point for the Bite Me community.

We want to have fun, virtually, with all Bite Me podcast listeners across the country. We hope all Bite Me listeners participate, as the His Grace Foundation is in critical need during the Covid-19 pandemic.


* Anglers from throughout the Gulf Coast may participate -- from Florida to South Texas. All waters are allowed, however fish submitted MUST conform to Texas size and slot limits.

* State of Texas slot lengths -- minimum 15-inches for speckled trout, minimum 14-inches for flounder and between 20-and-28 inches for redfish.  

* All respective state and local regulations shall apply at all times and all safety rules & regulations shall be adhered to. 

* Anyone can enter.

* Public waters only. All types of rod-and-reel fishing allowed -- boat, kayak, public fishing piers, jetties, shoreline, wade fishing.

* Standings will be determined in real-time via the Hook'd app. Tournament begins at 6 a.m. May 21 and ends 8 p.m. May 23. Fish can only be submitted via the Hook'd app. It is a simple measure, click and submit process that updates standings immediately.

* Places will be determined by the largest combined length of TWO fish, any combination of speckled trout, flounder and redfish. However, only one redfish is allowed among the two best fish entered. And only slot length redfish may be entered. That is, no "bull" redfish.

* Anglers must use a "bumpboard"-type ruler to measure and take pictures of fish for submission. Fish tails will be allowed to be pinched to get accurate length.

* In case of ties, earliest best two fish submitted will break the tie.  

* Lengths will be scored to the nearest quarter-inch. Tournament director will accept, disqualify and adjust the length of all catches during the tournament.

Must download the free HOOK'D virtual fishing app, via iOS or Google Play Store.

The Hook'd app allows fishermen to join the tournament, and in real time view the leader board, catches by other

anglers, log catches, and submit catches to the tournament.
Catches are kept in a "livewell" that anglers will have access to at all times during the tournament hours.


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